Sunday, 21 July 2013

Attestation from KSA Foreign Office.

All the documents which are attested from Saudi Culture Office 

and Saudi Embassy in Pakistan are to be attested by Ministry of 

Foreign Affairs, KSA.

  • For this you have to proceed to MoFA office in any city. 

  • Take the token for attestation.

  • Wait for your token number.

  • On your turn go to the counter and provide the documents to be attested and your Iqama. 

  • Bring with you photocopies of all documents (from both sides), they may ask for it.

.Attestation fee is 30 SR per document.

MoFA KSA Attestation


  1. ha ha ha ha h aha , mery sath anay say faida ho gya na tera

    1. hahaha.... ustad g Changay rahay ... :-P

    2. Hay good work keep it up Muhammad Akbar Ali... :)

  2. Irfan Ahmad Irfan Pharmacist4 September 2013 at 13:18

    what is aqama???