Monday, 6 May 2013

Attestation from Saudi Cultural Mission. Pakistan. (If you are Already in KSA)

For attestation of your  Pharmacy Degree from Saudi Culture Mission after coming to Saudi Arabia you have to follow the process described below.

Documents required at Saudi Culture Mission are;

1- Saudi Iqama Copy.
2- Agreement/Contract  Letter (original).
3- Application for attestation from employer addressed         to Saudi Culture Mission.
4-Passport Copy.
5- CNIC Copy.
6- HEC Attestation
7- SCFHS Letter. (Confirm it, I think now a days it is not       required.)


Agreement letter from your Employer is also needed now. (Saudi Culture Office demands this letter during attestation of Degree).

The Agreement letter from your Employer must be attested from Chamber of Commerce KSA & than Ministry of Foreign Affairs-KSA.

Saudi Culture Mission address.


  1. is this attestation done in pak or in saudia ???

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  3. plz xplain agrement letter ?? a job appointment letter or wat??

  4. and where are we suppose to submit these?
    saudi cultural mission office??