Sunday, 3 February 2013

Attestation from HEC.

You can also go directly to HEC office without making early appointment but you have to make the described account. (At computer lab in HEC for further processing). So better make account before going and get print from the computer lab of HEC.
First of all, Make an online account on HEC attestation page by providing the required information,
Click here  to go to HEC Attestation page.

Select the Degree(s) to be attested and also select the date on which you wish to go to HEC for attestation.

Try to get appointment atleast 10-15 days before that time , so that you can easily get the earlier token number.

Print and sign the Application.

Click on the Video above to Watch Demo of creating account.

Click here to download the video. (If You tube is not accessible). 

Reach HEC on time on the appointment day.

Bring Original CNIC and its copy, photocopy of all documents matric onwards + originals.

You must provide Authority Letter if some authorised person is going on your behalf.

Snap shot from HEC website Attestation page.

On your turn go to window 01 and get the documents checked by the person at the window.

Than proceed to window 02 and submit the fee and get receipt.

On your turn at window 03, submit the documents to be attested. And get the receipt showing the time for collection of documents after attestation.

At the mentioned time go to window 04 & get the attested documents.

Don't forget to check the signature of Attesting Authority, Ink Stamp of the Officer, Paper Stamp like postal ticket and Date Stamp.

Specimen of Attested Degree.

For further Queries you may call HEC Attestation Desk helpline.
HEC HelpLine

w.e.f June, 2013;
Attestation service is now available in Lahore & Peshawar Regional offices of HEC.
Click here for details.

You can also get your documents attested through OCS Courier Services (for only Pakistani local customers who require getting their documents attested from HEC, Islamabad). 

OCS Courier Company after attestation would be responsible for returning these documents back to the customers at their specified/given addresses with in a period of 15 days on following rates.

For details click here for Attestation information on OCS website. 


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