Saturday, 12 January 2013

Exam Day & Tips to attempt (SLE) Prometric Exam.

On Exam Day;
  • Arrive at Examination centre atleast 01 hour before your exam time & Don't forget to bring your Government ID that you provided during appointment booking.
  • Provide your appointment slip to the staff.
  • They will capture your photo & ask you to sign the attendance sheet. (Check In Time).
  • Prometric Center staff will ask you to empty your pockets and put all your belongings in a locker.
  • Staff will guide you to the (Computer) PC and guide you about the procedure to attempt the exam. (If you ask them).
  • No paper and pen is allowed for Calculations etc. You have to use calculator provided in computer.
  • Exam duration start when you start attempting first Question.
  • Count down timer will remain displayed on top left of the screen during whole session, which show you the remaining time.
  • Exam consists of 70 MCQs.
Tips to Attempt Exam (MCQs).
1- Starting from the start , first of all answer those questions about which you are 100 % sure.   (Mark all those questions about which you are not 100 % sure).
2- Review the marked MCQs and decide the answer of as much as you can.
3- Review the marked MCQs for second time and again decide the answer of as much as you can.
4- Finally you are left with questions about which you have not any concept or idea.
     (Apply the hit & trial or you may say AKAR BAKAR rule on them).

5- Try to attempt the Calculations MCQs at the end, so you can carefully solve them.
     (Re-Check the answers by using calculator).

"To Confuse is the first step to Lose"

6- After you finish the Exam and Click on "END", the result will appear on the screen                    in only 10-15 Seconds. (Hold your Breath).
7- Prometric Staff will Print, Stamp and sign the result copy and hand it over to you.

8- After the Exam put your sign against the "check out time".

9- Before leaving do not forget to bring your belongings from the locker. :-)
You can attempt SLE Exam three times in one year (If you are outside KSA)
In KSA you wil get total 03 Chances to pass SLE , after that your name is Black Listed.
You can take a demo of Prometric Exam Interface (Mock Test) here.
Best Wishes for your Exam.

Muhammad Ch.


  1. very very thankful to you sir

  2. how much score we need to get to pass the exam

  3. hello sir
    sir plz guide ,after passing SLE exam,we get any certificate except that slip from exam center after test immediately,any other document?
    and whats next step after that??

  4. If we don't pass in first attempt can we apear next time within 3months