Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Attestation from Saudi Embassy . ( If Already working in Saudi Arabia)

After attestation from Saudi Culture office your Degree and Experience letter is going 

to be attested by Saudi Embassy located in Diplomatic Enclave, Islamabad.

If you are already working in Saudi Arabia then Saudi Embassy demands;

1-  Original copy of the job contract or agreement. (Attested from KSA Foreign Office).

2-  Original Letter for attestation from your employer (company, hospital etc) addressed to Saudi -
     Culture mission Islamabad. (Attested from KSA Foreign office).

3Your Iqama copy (Residence permit of Saudia) 

4- Your CNIC copy.

5- Passport copy.

6- Documents to be attested along with photocopy of them from both sides.

You can not apply directly to Embassy for attestation.... You have to apply for attestation through attesting agents.

The official fee for attestation is 30 Saudi Riyals 

(30 x Exchange Rate = PKR, approx 900 rupees);

but the agent will charge you more. (around 2000 PKR).

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